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BytzSoft is a global Aviation Software Solutions provider that helps clients to enable change in terms of process & technology for achieving sustained performance.

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FlyPal-Aircraft Maintenance Planning & Inventory Software

Flypal Enterprise

Data Tracking, Reliability Monitoring & Spares Management.

FlyPal CRS-Crew Rostering & FDTL Software

Flypal – Component MRO

Making things work ….

FlyPal Component MRO

Flypal – FDTL Management

| Aviation Crew Management | Crew Training Records | Crew Legality Checks | Crew Rostering |

FlyPal Component MRO

Flypal – Safety Management

| Safety Management | Air Safety Report | Hazard / Incident Reporting |

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BytzSoft is a global Aviation Software Solutions provider that helps clients to enable change in terms of process & technology.
Our Clients

Our Clients

Our achievements are defined by our growing list of clients.

Few of our Esteemed Customer include:


This exploratory analysis involved 95 ASRS reports which represented a wide range of maintenance incidents.

Leapfrogging or Tiger Leap

I had an occasion of being present for a launch of the book titled “Leapfrogging to pole vaulting” authored by eminent scientist Shri Raghunath Mashelkar..

Identifying Human Factors Issues in Aircraft Maintenance Operations

Maintenance operations incidents submitted to the Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) between 1986-1992 were systematically analysed..

Importance of Storage Maintenance for Aircrafts

Over the last few weeks, we all have been swamped with what is happening all around the world on COVID-19. At such unprecedented times..

Is cloud hosting preferred over on-premise hosting in aviation industry?

In the 21st century, technology is rapidly evolving, but Airlines are constantly struggling with data related to airworthiness, manpower utilisation and..

Flight Crew Challenges

In today’s world, the need for air travel industry is growing rapidly, but airlines across the world are having tough times to maintain
consistent & profitable operations.

Aviation / Airline Audit Software | FlyPal

Aviation Audits ( Internal and external) are undertaken to ensure airlines follow certain standard as prescribed by the civil aviation authorities. In an aviation audit..

Manage Airworthiness Directives (AD ) & Service Bulletins (SB) using FlyPal

Airworthiness Directives (AD) are issued when the Airworthiness Authorities (e.g. FAA, DGCA etc) finds that an unsafe condition exists in a product..

Crew Training and Document with FlyPal

In today’s world, the aviation industry is growing at a tremendous pace. With increase in number of airplanes, management of cockpit, cabin and ground staff..

Passion Air chooses FlyPal

BytzSoft, is pleased to announce that Passion Air (Schedule Airline) has chosen BytzSoft’s Web based software FlyPal® as its aircraft maintenance tracking software..

Aviation Software Implementation made easy with FlyPal

Airline operation depends very much on it’s current & historical technical records (data).To ensure regulatory compliance as well as to maintain the Continuous Airworthiness..

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