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Why, Flypal?

We believe in shared responsibility of aviation safety, and we ensure that, our aviation software solution provides quality product to our customers to aid them in remaining compliant with regulations at all the time. We manage continued airworthiness of the aircraft and its associated aircraft documentation to highest level of compliance so that it not only preserves the aircraft value but enhances it.

Today, we have a satisfied customer base comprising of scheduled airlines, cargo airlines, charter operators, corporate aircraft owners/operators, MRO shops, trip support providers who uses our aviation management solutions to increase efficiency and effectivity in their day-to-day functioning. Management of all these companies can get required data on their dashboard as well as detailed MIS report at a touch of a finger. In today’s data driven decision making process, FlyPal is the trusted partner for every organization, and we are partners in their success.

Our aircraft management solutions are scalable and deployable at fast pace, thus reducing the implementation time & this improving on margins.

Our solutions are flexible and tuned for small to large aircraft operators benefiting them economically.

Benefits –

• Data Security & Protection

• Confidentiality

• Process Integrity & Performance Monitoring

• Customer support

FlyPal User Profile

• Airlines – Pax & Cargo

• MRO- Aircraft service Facility & Component Service facility

• Charter operator

• Business Jet/Corporate flight department

• Aircraft Mangement Organizations

• Aircraft Leasing Companies

• CAMO (CAR-M) Engineering Organizations

• FTO (Flying Training Organizations)

• Helicopter operators

Aircraft Maintenance

To remain compliant with requirements of Continued Airworthiness as defined in regulations, aircraft &its associated components need to undergo maintenance at regular intervals in terms of calendar life, hours & landing cycles. EASA Part M or CAR Part M lays down the requirement for CAMO of the operator and EASA Part 145 lays down the requirement for MRO’s as regard to maintenance of aircraft, engines & components which can be undertaken during line or base maintenance.

Flypal MRO

This subscription-based service covers following essential elements:

  • Capability mapping
  • Production planning and control …Read More

Flypal IMS

This subscription-based service covers following essential elements-

  • Vendor management
  • RFQ management …Read More

Flypal SMS

In Order to achieve its production objectives, the management of any aviation organization requires managing many business processes. Safety is one such business process. Safety management is a core business function just as financial management, HR management, etc. The safety management system is a systematic approach to managing safety, including the necessary organizational structures, accountabilities, policies and procedures.

Flypal QA

This subscription-based service covers following essential elements and much more

  • Preparation of Audit Calendar
  • Audit Planning & Scheduling …Read More

Flypal DMS

While changing IT platforms used for tracking Aircraft Maintenance records, it’s really important to ensure if technical data (like Hard Time components, Inspection Schedules, Task Cards, SB + AD records, MPD) which is to be migrated is correct, to help migrate data without much hassles. Most Airlines and Aviation organizations have limited human resources to do this migration task and can take several days to go live. That’s Where BytzSoft’s Data Migration service come in handy.

Flypal AFMS

  • Invoicing
  • Bank and credit card syncing …Read More

Flypal TMS

One of the key requirements of SMS is training of the employees and its very important that training records and its recurrency for pilots/crew as well as engineering personnel is managed to highest standards.

FlyPal- TMS subscription covers following elements-

  • Employee data with skill.
  • Employee data base with educational & professional qualifications. …Read More

Flypal SCM

In a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO- based on civil aviation standards), the Engineering & Planning department focuses primarily on achieving airworthiness by complying the maintenance tasks as per the approved manuals.FlyPal cultivate a habit of compliance in all users by sending them email reminders and notifications well before the due date. Aircraft Serviceability and AOG (Aircraft on Ground) becomes the major KPI of this department, which in turn are directly responsible for Aircraft utilization.

Flypal CMS

This subscription-based service covers following:

  • Contracts Repository
  • Contract alert for expiry …Read More

Flypal HR

  • Employee data base with contact details.
  • Documents control with expiry notifications. …Read More

Flypal CRM

Ever growing Aviation industry needs employees who are well trained on latest technics and advancement in technologies. Employee trainings play a vital role in keeping them in tune with latest industry standards. FlyPal gives an important facility to track important trainings for employees along with their certificates.