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Making Compliance a Habit

In a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO- based on civil aviation standards), the Engineering & Planning department focuses primarily on achieving airworthiness by complying the maintenance tasks as per the approved manuals.FlyPal cultivate a habit of compliance in all users by sending them email reminders and notifications well before the due date. Aircraft Serviceability and AOG (Aircraft on Ground) becomes the major KPI of this department, which in turn are directly responsible for Aircraft utilization.

FlyPal Engineering & Planning includes:
  • Maintenance program implementation and compliances(TBO, LLP, CPCP, Inspections etc. ))
  • Manage, Supervise, make amendments to your maintenance program easily
  • Analyse the effectiveness of your AMP with various reports, to carry out corrective actions.
  • Manage Task Cards, Service Bulletins (SB) / Airworthiness Directives (AD), MEL/Snag with few clicks
  • Planning W. Order: Liaise with inhouse/external Part145-maintenance organizations to carry out scheduled/non scheduled maintenance effectively
  • Reliability monitoring: Aircraft fleet reliability is a function of an organizational culture that supports people working in a disciplined way to perform many different activities: preventive/ predictive/planned maintenance, scheduled maintenance on a routine and scheduled basis, monitoring trends to identify potential failure modes, extrapolating a forecast failure date and completing a maintenance, repair or overhaul before a failure occurs. A closer look at aircraft reliability provides a good example of a proactive culture in pursuit of continued and constant reliability.

LDND Status reports of FlyPal helps in planning the scheduled maintenance effectively.Tech Library for Manual and Subscription helps to achieve the documentation control within the CAMO.

“We used FlyPal for a startup company in Dubai. The setup was simple and the support of the team excellent. The software is web based and simple and intuitive usable. All in all a good choice. Has to be recommend.”

– Andre Dreves, Head of Engineering projects, Acquiline International